Scientific ukrainian article about dolphin's communication

In "Nas ruínas da floresta" [In the forest ruins], the researcher Paulo Tavares presents the idea that the presence of Amerindian societies in the Amazon region has a degree of complexity so high that the jungle can be thought of as a huge "city", full of vestiges or "ruins" of that presence. He also proposes the idea of "design beyond the human", both through the thinking of the Amazonian people and contemporary science, which shows that the limits that separate humans from other beings are much more permeable and unstable. Among the mentioned examples is the cognitive ability of animals.

In the article The Study of Acoustic Signals and the Supposed Spoken Language of the Dolphins (2016), the researcher Vyacheslav A.Ryabov reports the scientific study developed in the Karadag Nature Reserve, in Feodosia, Ukraine, where two dolphins were recorded communicating through sound pulses, alternating between moments of "speech" and "listening", as in a conversation. Read here

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